Monday, September 21, 2009

ACORN's Illegal Alien Home Loan Racket

I am not an investigative reporter, nor a journalist, but when I see how wrong things are going with this new regime in the Whitehouse, I have to write about it. I am so saddened by the abuse that is being perpetrated on all Americans regarding the healthcare issue and then we find out that our hard earned taxes are being used to finance a criminal organization, i.e., ACORN.

I have found a reporter that is covering this story and she is Michelle Malkin. Michelle has done a fabulous job giving us the details and the info on ACORN. She leaves no stone unturned in how their creative criminal enterprise operates, thank you Michelle.To read the whole story go to

I will be following Michelle for further updates, stay tuned...and watch for more information regarding ACORN.

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So who are the racists here? The Americans who disagree with the healthcare reform are being dubbed as racists...listen to Dr. Perryman explain it...

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