Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dailymotion - Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency - une vidéo Actu et Politique

Is it not enough that we are headed toward Socialism, that our rights have been taken away from us, free speech is no longer an option and our government lacks transparency, now we are headed towards becoming a third world country and the dollar has been devalued all over the world. The new American dollar will be the Amero, which aligns us with Canada and Mexico...how do you like this Change? Obama said he would bring change you could believe in...well this is your change...when they get through with your dollar all you will have left is change...loose change in your pocket and that will be used to pay for your new healthcare reform...Obamanation!

Watch this video as Hal Turner explains about the Amero dollar and what will happen and listen for when this dollar was designed.

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This is the CHANGE he was talking about!

Jeff Gold
Fear. Elections. Change. Power. Force. Revolution.

"There is something fundamental that just happened in America, and by default, the rest of the world. It is so fundamental, that it has been entirely ignored by analysts and grossly distorted by pundits.

Most commentators hail Obama’s victory as a reinvigoration of the American Dream. They cite the euphoria of countries that literally weeks ago, spat in America’s direction as proof of the nations capacity of reinvention. Talk of a new-age, of breakthroughs, of Peace in the World is everywhere - and everywhere, all of it, is wrong."

Hussein Rises Over America, Darkness Descends by Juanita Gonzales is also an excellent article on what has happened in America and how we got here.

"The overpaid cows in America’s newsrooms have overdosed on 0-Viagra, giving them a permanent hard-on (or swelling) for their Black Deliverance. You can’t hide from this malady, its the first airborne virus you are unlikely to ever physically touch yet you’re guaranteed to get.

Is it nauseating? Is it sick? Is it beyond irritating
?" You can read more of Ms. Gonzales take on the Obama administration at Stop-Obama.org

These writers have put themselves out there to educate the American people, please pass these sites on to your friends...dare to comment, even if you disagree, this will help to educate us all for we need to fight this socialization of America.

Bye Bye Harry!

The state of Nevada is ready to clean house. The good citizens of NV have two big reasons to be outraged.

ACORN corruption and Senator Harry Reid, who along with Nancy Pelosi, fellow Democrats and Obama are trying to destroy this country. Harry Reid is, in fact, more concerned about protecting ACORN than protecting the citizens of this country.

Monday, October 19, 2009, the Citizen Wells blog presented

“The Nevada Grassroots Coalitions invites you to participate in this exciting event. This is a chance for you to meet the team that is now leading our county to win back our state. If you care about your family and our state You can not afford to miss this event.

If all of the states would act this promptly, maybe something can be done in 2010..we need a new regime...the states need to come together to force the abolishment of socialization of America...thanks to the good people of Nevada, they are setting a pattern for all of the states to follow.