Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mikeb302000: The Cost of the War in Libya

Mikeb302000: The Cost of the War in Libya

Are You a Marketing Whore?

The art of marketing your site is not something to take lightly or frivolously. There is an art to marketing online and it is much different than marketing that your mama taught you.

Know Your Market
Marketing online is an art and many times an overlooked art. Once you have gotten your site ready to publish, you know who your market is, or rather you should know who your market is, but you want the world to see your "new baby", your own creation, WAIT! Analyze where you are headed and what the results will be, the search engines will thank you.

Rather than haphazardly submitting, plan your submissions. First your demographics will dictate the proper time for exposure, for instance if you are selling something to the public, you must first decide on where, when and how they will be using it so that you know when, where and how to present it. For example if I was selling a recipe for "stuffed grape leaves", I sure would look funny if I tried to market that product to the middle eastern countries. I would need to push that product in another area. The middle easterners make the stuffed grape leaves and they would not be interested in my recipe, so I sure would not get much traffic there. Again, know your market and what they need and fill that need. Do your homework and you will know when, where and how to market your products.

Wasting Time
If you tend to just submit your site to all the search engines may be a waste of time. If you send your site to Google, of course you are going to be seen in the USA and many other countries.A lot of the search engines are not active in all countries, hence a waste of time for you.

Target Your Market
Target your market and go for it. Look for hot items to address in your blog that coincides with the products you are trying to sell. If you market "YOU", the sales will come. Give people a reason to want to follow you, either by fulfilling a need or just by reaching out to people. Get involved in charities, in care groups, forums and blog, blog, blog. I have found the more active you are in these areas, the more the word gets around and soon you will be known in your industry.

I have seen those who would create a site and throw it up in the social media arenas and just let it hang there. This to me is crass, yes you want their business, but to slam them with your product as though your saying, "here, buy this now", is a market whore! The public is aware of what you are doing and they will be turned off by your tactics. Ask for advice, not only from the "gurus" but from your friends and neighbors in the social media places. when you involve your public they will feel appreciated for their knowledge and they will help you and they will respond to you. You must give them something to go away with, by this I don't mean a freebie, in as much as I mean something to feel good about themselves
and about you and your product. I remember an old story I heard which fits right here. Two bulls were up on the hill and saw all these females down on the range grazing, the young bull looked at the old bull and said let's just run down there and grab one of them. The old bull said oh no, let's just saunter down and get them all!

Do Not Push
Keep that story in mind when addressing your market, saunter into the market place and you will have the business,if you behave, or if you have the mindset of the young bull you may get one sale, but you will have left a mark on your market that Ajax can't take off.

Beware of being pushy in the market place.

I learned from the Squidoo Queen how to market and how not to market. She is an ace in this area and I found that if I follow her advice I am much further ahead in the game. If you haven't gotten your Squidoo lens, then you need to stop by and see Kelly and get a lens, you can make money with your lens.

Ask Kelly about her free lessons, they are excellent lessons about blogging, marketing, SEO,Amazon,AdSense and Wealthy Affiliate.