Saturday, October 31, 2009

New World Order Agenda....

The BBC news is reporting a NEW outbreak of the swine the Americas they claim that 700 just this week have died from the swine flu.

Now I cannot decide who or what the truth is day we hear that the swine flu season is about over. The next day we are told that thousands are dying from the swine flu and that the schools, ALL schools in the Ukraine are closed as well as public meetings for three weeks due to one death.

The UK is predicting the following:
30% of population might catch swine flu = 18.3m people
15% of those might suffer complications = 2.74m people
2% might need hospital treatment = 366,000
0.1-0.35% fatality rate = 18,300-64,050

This prediction would mean that 65,000 people could die from the swine flu. To see how they arrived at this conclusion view the stats at BBC News The World Health Organization (WHO),predictions for the entire world population can be found at the BBC's site. Take a look at the numbers that they have listed for the USA 43,000 deaths. This is about four times what the national average is for flu deaths each and every year. The WHO is claiming that 177,000 have already died from the swine flu. These are scare tactics...if they are so willing to keep us informed, why are they not telling the truth about the serum (vaccine). What is contained in the vaccines will kill you or cripple or maim you quicker than dying of the swine flu itself. These are just tactics to keep us in line so that they can control us.

There are many homeopathic doctors who can tell you what needs to be done to prevent getting the flu and remedies for when you do get the flu. However, the pharmaceutical companies are not making money off of these homeopathic cures so they don't want you to know this information.

Atomic News Review states in an article from littlemountainhomeopathy.wordpress.comthat GlaxoSmithKline is the manufacturer of both the Swedish and the Canadian swine flu vaccines. The Swedish swine flu vaccine is called Pandemrix and the Canadian one is called Arepanrix, but they are actually the same vaccine with different names. Pandemrix aka Arepanrix contains squalene, thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum salts (among other goodies). As far as I know, the vaccine in Hungary, made by drug company Omnivest, is not being distributed outside of Hungary.

How the vaccines are created is very interesting. The UK is predicting that they will have 123,000m vaccines for the season, however, they are not expecting enough vaccines to be produced to cover the entire world, 6 billion people until next Autumn. So if you get the flu and you are in the UK, too bad, you will probably die, or at least suffer greatly, if their predictions are true. Somehow, this does not equate with what they are saying. We have a flu epidemic, but not a pandemic, if we have a pandemic, people will die because there will not be enough vaccines, to vaccinate everyone.

"The latest WHO figures showed there had been 440,000 confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus worldwide", this is a direct text taken from the BBC site. They go on to say that 5,000 people a week are coming down with the swine flu...these figures do not compute. These are scare tactics, designed to keep us all in line, NWO agenda.

The pandemic is not the swine flu, the pandemic is the dis-information that is being fed to the general public via the MSM.

In the state of Florida, as is with most states in the union, there is a law in place which permits mandates of certain medical treatments, such as vaccinations, in the case where there is a severe public health risk (Fla. Stat. 381.00315). The current proposed legislation is a bit more aggressive, however. The bill, called the Pandemic Response Bill, gives the state power to "forcefully quarantine people in the event of a pandemic", and threatens that "anyone who refuses to comply with the quarantine order could face jail time or a $1000 per day fine".
The Calhoun County Health Department in mid-state Alabama stated that the swine flu was no different than the regular flu. They stated "the flu is the flu is the flu period". The symptoms are the same, the difference is in the strain of flu, so of course they would need another vaccine to accommodate that particular strain. However, Calhoun County did not even receive their H1N1 vaccines until the end of October, which is after the swine flu season.

In the last two weeks, the swine flu and the vaccine pandemic blah blah had quieted down. Today, however, the BBC is reporting a completely different picture and it would appear that they are trying to scare people.

Now they are saying there is a shortage of vaccine, however there may be enough for little kids and pregnant women and yet, just this week I read in the newspaper that pregnant women shouldn't even be taking the swine flu vaccine. So, which is it, do we have enough vaccine, or not, and if not, why, and why are they now pedaling the H1N1 to pregnant women?

If we don't have enough vaccine then why scare the people, if you cannot treat the people why would you want to scare them.

Another question on my mind is HOW can you demand that people take the vaccine when you don't have enough. Is this a selective operation whereby they will decide who can have the vaccine and who will be just left to die.

How can you demand that everyone take the vaccine when there isn't enough for everyone...hello? Is anyone listening to how silly these scare tactics are and how ridiculous the dis-information is?

For a read of this story and all the details please go to BBC News!