Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trump's Choice For V.P....

Governor Susana Martinez,
New Mexico Incumbent Republican.

There have been many comments in social media regarding the selection of a vice president for Donald J. Trump...some good, some not so good....I would like to throw my selection into the ring just for fun.

I ran across an article about a female Hispanic Governor with many accolades that seemed very certain to qualify. After checking her bio and many articles written about this lady, I decided, I needed to write an article pressing the TRUMP organization for an answer.

As I am not holding my breath on the TRUMP organization to answer any time soon....I plowed on to the finish line with the accomplishments of my new heroine.....Governor Susana Martinez.

Ms. Martinez, is the first Latino Governor in New Mexico, she is tough as nails and a born leader according to some of the pundits. Ms. Martinez has served as Governor from 2011 to present.

Ms. Martinez, was originally a Democrat, however one fateful day, in 1995, she had lunch with some Republicans, and was forever changed.....her and her husband decided to switch parties and become Republicans....our gain, their loss.

Ms. Martinez is a tenacious, bulldog, bossy El Paso lady with a penchant for the underdog, and a born leader.

Her stand on border security is firm and her executive order for rescinding sanctuary status for illegal immigrants is a matter of record.

After becoming the first female Hispanic Governor of New Mexico, she banned all lobbyist from state kind of governor!

In 2012 she was asked about running as VP and turned down the offer with an emphatic NO means NO answer.

Governor Martinez is strong on opposing federal plans to accept more Syrian refugees and has stood firm on this issue.

In 2013, Time magazine listed Gov. Martinez as one of the top 100 “most influential people” in the world.

Gov. Martinez overall poll ratings for the governors being reelected in 2014.....was in the top 15 of a list of 50 governors up for reelection....with a 60% overall rating.

Could Gov. Martinez qualify for VP position, I believe her record proves the kind of VP she would be and our nation needs leaders that are not afraid to “stand up” and be counted and give the people a voice in the election process and decision making of our country.

I believe that Gov. Martinez could help to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

What say ye, Donald J. Trump?