Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Is This a Dump Paul Ryan or Another Pac Man Ruse

I received this letter today in my email from a man running for Paul Ryan's seat, wonder WHY he sent this to me, I began to investigate and ask would seem he got my name from Paul Ryan, who had to have stolen it from the ranks of those voting for #TRUMP....

Now I ask you, WHY would Paul Ryan be helping Paul Nehlen take his seat?  Because Paul Ryan has cut a deal with Reince Priebus to become the new nominee for President at the Cleveland Convention.  

So if Nehlen is running for Ryan's seat, then where is Ryan going, of course we already know this. 

The next question is this: Ryan would NOT give up his seat to just would have to be someone he could control...i.e., another PAC enters "Paul Nehlen", beware Wisconsin, they are trying to confuse you.......

Please Mr. Paul Nehlen, send me another email, now that you are asking for donations for your campaign, don't know why you would ask me, I am a DIED IN THE WOOL TRUMPster and would NEVER vote for anyone connected to Paul Ryan, not in this lifetime.  I would love to hear from you Mr. Paul Nehlen, tell me your not a PAC is a simple little question, and seeing as how you have intruded upon my peaceful life with your "little DONATION letter", I am asking you a question: 

Paul Nehlen, are you  a PAC man? Is your campaign supported by PAC money?

Please stay tuned, we shall see if he answers this question.......look for further blogs regarding his answer/nonanswer.............(please read below the letter)

Enough is enough.

Paul Ryan's betrayal has reached a dangerous level that many of us here in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District can no longer tolerate.

Someone has got to do something to stop Paul Ryan's corruption. Yes, I said it. Corruption. I say this because MORE THAN HALF of all of Ryan's campaign support comes from ESTABLISHMENT RINOS from inside the D.C. Beltway!

Ryan's top donors are big banks, insurance companies and law firms. Those numbers explain why he votes against us time and again.

He votes for bailouts. He votes to fully fund executive amnesty, dangerous refugee programs, ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood, and the list goes on. Ryan is big government. Ryan is everything wrong in Washington. And those bankrolling his campaign are also bankrolling Obama's crooked agenda -- the same agenda Ryan funds in Washington.

Today I'm taking a stand. As of today, I'm running for Congress here in Wisconsin. I'm challenging Paul Ryan in the 1st Congressional District GOP primary. I pledge to fight on your behalf.

As you know, Ryan is a powerful Speaker of the House. He has millions of dollars in his campaign accounts with millions more on the way.

This is a fight that can be won, but it's not one I can win alone.

I need your help. Please click here to contribute to my campaign and help defeat Paul Ryan this August.

+ + Click here to contribute to the official campaign to defeat Paul Ryan.

Together, we can stand up and create a voice big enough to push back against the establishment that seeks to control our lives and destroy our economy. Together, we can win.

Thank you in advance, and let's go Dump Paul Ryan!
-Paul Nehlen
Businessman, Inventor and Candidate for Congress

I hope he is NOT a PAC man, but I need to know......


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