Thursday, April 7, 2011

If Your a Blogger, You Deserve The Best!

If all of you bloggers out in the stratosphere are as tired of blogging everyday as I am and wish to do something different, consider my choices, you might like them.

With all the holidays upon us, one would think, let's do something different. So I have outlined some things that I think might interest you on these coming holidays


Now we all know that mama needs a new dress and all the accessories, but don't forget the jewelry, as that will accent not only the outfit, but show your love in many ways. Every woman loves flowers, call your local florist and have a beautiful arrangement sent to your wife, mother and yes, your sisters too.

You cannot forget the kids and what they will need for Easter holidays either.Just   don't get too carried away.

Mother's Day
This is my favorite day of all days, even more so than Christmas.  I like to give to Mothers. They are the most maligned people in the human race. Without Mothers, we would not be here. They carry us in their tummies for 9 months and then they carry us right to their graves.

When the world is against us and we are fighting our own battles and don't know where to turn, we go to our Mothers. They are there when we are little and scrape our knees, when we graduate, when we fall on our face, when we make mistakes, when we choose the wrong mate, when we fail in business, when everyone it seems turns against us, Mothers never leave us...they just clean up the mess. Mothers are forgiving, to a fault. Sometimes we forget how great our Mothers are and I think they should be honored above all else.

Easter falls on April 24 and 2 weeks later is Mother's Day-May 8, 2011. Remember these dates, put them on your calendar and don't forget your Mother this holiday. Take her to dinner and show her that you care.

When dinner is over pack everybody in the car and head to the airport and take a much needed vacation. If you have been working non stop, I am speaking of all you bloggers, get the cobwebs out of your head and head to the beach for some much needed relaxation. You will be a better blogger when you return and just think of all the stories you can blog about, after your holiday.

Your family will never forget you and they will thank you for remembering them.

Happy Holidays