Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama - His Islamic Supremacist Benefactor / Dr. Khalid al-Mansour / Video

Dr. Khalid Mansour is the money advisor to President Obama. He is also advisor to ALwaled of Saudi Arabia.

This is Obama's Islamic Supremacist Benefactor.

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In this video you will hear what is known as the New World Order! George Herbert Walker Bush talked about it, Clinton talked about it and many others have spoken about the New World Order.

To better explain it...the New World Order is globalization of the entire world under one bank the Central Banking system, with one currency, with microchips for everyone, so they can better track you.

This is Orwellian at best and Americans should wake up and realize that we must fight the New World Order. The globalization of the world will eleminate our Bill of Rights, our free speech, it will become unlawful to assemble, to protest, look at the healthcare reform that they are trying to pass now: HR3200.

We as free Americans need to study what is going on with the very congress men and women that we put into office. They are not interested in your rights. They are more interested in their lifestyles and their money than they are in us. We must elect new officials to office that will work for the people.

The voting is rigged, the machines cannot be tabulated correctly. Look what happened in Florida, look what happened with ACORN and the ballot box, it is no longer safe to trust the ballot box with your vote.

We must arise and change the system by which we are be subjected to. We thought we were getting change with the new administration, we got change alright, we got czars, are we in Russia? NO and we need to act like we know what is going on. Call your congressmen/women and let them know that you are unhappy with what is going on. Your voice is the voice that got them elected and we can take our country back.

We must act now!

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