Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding a Diaper for the Boomers

Do you know a Boomer, better still are you a Boomer? Whoever named them, wonder why they named them Boomers. We had the generation X which sounds mysticish (new word) but Boomers, reminds me of and yucky.

Boomers Coming of Age
We now have aging Boomers. Statistics tell us that Junior Boomers are not even there yet, we are looking at Senior Boomers now ready to retire and 41.8 million Juniors are right behind them according to the Census Bureau.

Essentials for Boomers
One of the first things the Junior Boomers will be doing is finding a Nursing Home for their Senior Boomers because they cannot have them live at home now with the economy suffering and 41.8 million Boomers getting ready to retire, they are in trouble.

This morning, Sen. Tom Harkin, Democrat/Iowa delivered the keynote address at the National Institute on Retirement Security's annual policy conference and I quote.. "The future of our nation depends on our ability to ensure that everyone benefits from economic growth. That means putting policies in place that build a strong and vibrant middle class – a middle class with good jobs, fair wages, and benefits. That’s the America I want to see. One where people who work hard and play by the rules can live comfortably. One where everyone has the opportunity for a safe and secure retirement. But that’s not where we are today."

This would be a good place to start for the retiring Senior Boomers so they can pass on the information to the Junior Boomers. There are more matters to consider than just the day to day caring of the elderly. There are financial matters that have to be considered. Donna gives a good insight into what these retirees will be looking at down the road, maybe even sooner than they think.