Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Berlin Wall has been moved.....

Who said our young people were brainwashed to believe in this new Progressive Movement of Socialism for America?

Take a look at these students at Washington University...are they not saying what we are all thinking, God bless them all. We need to support them and stand behind them and you too can join their organization Young Americans for Liberty

They are speaking out by building a gulag and telling us what could happen if we allow Socialism to takeover in this country, this land of liberty, America.

We were informed by the MSM that the young people are the ones that voted President Obama into office, I don't think so. These young people do not want their liberties trampled on and they do not want Socialism. They are brave enough to speak out and what does the University do but trample on their rights as free citizens in a free republic to speak out.

Seems to me that the conspiracy theorist were right, our freedoms are slowly being removed and replaced with "PC Behavior", that is politically correct language and politically correct ideas fomented by the liberals.

The Berlin Wall was removed, only to be raised years later in the United States of America...WAKE UP AMERICA!

Are We Being Blackmailed?

As the leader of the free world, why in the world or should I say, how in the world did we allow ourselves to be put in a situation whereby we must pay off other nations for our carbon emissions?

Just because we have bartered and played both sides of the fence with these other nations, we have appeared to be the bully to other nations by lending them money and then forclosing when they wouldn't or couldn't pay us back, does the IMF ring any bells here? Just because we have invaded sovereign nations and taken over their livelihood (oil), (diamonds) and other resources, or just because we think the world stage is our play ground does not negate the fact that there are millions of Americans who do not want to go to a global governance, who do not want the NWO agenda.

Dana Milbank has written an article telling us the time and date of the arrival of the New World Order (NWO), in case anyone missed it. Our country has allowed an armed entourage of Ban-Ki Moon, the UN defacto leader from North Korea to stand in our country and give a speech telling us what we need to do. Now correct me if I am wrong but weren't we just trying defuse the situation with North Korea and now here we find ourselves being lectured by this man about what we need to do in the global scheme of things. I am confused, one day we are against North Korea and the next we are listening to their communist message that we need to get on board this NWO train.

So what could possibly be in the minds of John Kerry and Joe Leiberman to side with the enemy? Thirty years ago this would have been treason of the highest form. Now we look the other way and call it progress. These progressive socialist thinkers are leading us in a direction we DO NOT want to go and nobody is shouting from the rooftop for this to stop.

I believe that all nations should move forward into the twenty first century and that certain changes have to be made to move ahead, in other words things must change, but does this include giving up our place in the grand scheme of things and moving from the mansion to the trailer park so that we can all be equal, I don't think so...

In a perfect world changes are made to move forward but this change is causing some grief as they will be moving backwards not forwards. By taking away the middle class and regulating them to a lower realm and joining forces with the enemy is not progress, it is change none of us should have to live with and I am appalled at the lack of leadership at the helm of this great ship we call America. I am alarmed at the quietness with which this is being done.

It would appear that those in government who disagree with the NWO and the changes taking place, have joined the "Witness Protection Program", they have disappeared and there is no trace left of them.

I remember many books and articles I have read over the years of the great holocaust and how the people thought if they just kept quiet no one would bother them. This seems to be the prevailng fear amongst the general population in America. This Draconian measure of being "dragged away in the middle of the night" for being a dissident, being labeled a conspiracy theorist has taken hold in this country.

We were critical of the way the Jews allowed themselves to be lulled into apathy by Hitler and his regime and yet, we find ourselves doing the same thing they did during WWII. Why are we so complacent when the changes being made will affect our lives as well as the lives of the people we love the most, our own children?

So, when your children reach the age of understanding, sit them down and explain it like this:
When they came for the conspiracy theorist, your mother and I agreed we were not Conspiracy nuts, so we didn't say anything;

When they came for the main stream media, we weren't involved, so we didn't say anything;

When they took away our First Amendment Rights, we kept quiet for fear of causing trouble;

When they took away our Constitutional freedoms, we didn't want to cause trouble and be labeled a dissident, so we kept quiet;

When they taxed us so heavy that we could not make it without your mother going to work and us putting you into government controlled facilities (school), we stayed quiet so as to not upset our neighbors;

When they took away our healthcare they limited our lives by a few short years and we just felt that the "government knows best", so we didn't say anything;

When they took away our right to defend ourselves (guns), we knew then that we were in trouble because they had forever changed the way we lived our lives as free men in a free world with choices.

We are so sorry that we didn't stand up and defend our "Rights", we are sorry that we didn't listen to the conspiracy theorist who told us what would happen. We thought they were a bunch of nuts and that the things they were telling one would dare do that in this country - America, land of the free!

But now you will have to live under a different set of rules than we did as children. You will not be able to call things as you seen them, because you might not be politically correct. If you see a terrorist, don't say anything, as you might be dragged into court to defend your position, as you don't have the right to say anything about anyone anymore, after all we "wouldn't want to offend anyone", especially not a terrorist!

Also, when the food shortage starts, don't grow a garden, as you will be limited to what you can consume, you will not be allowed to grow more than you can consume within a certain period of time and it is very short;

You see your mom and I didn't fight back, we didn't voice our opinion as we thought that we would be labeled a "combatant fugitive" (Patriot Act) and likely we would be jailed. We thought our place was with you and we couldn't let them take us away, so we kept quiet;

When the Patriot Act was written, we didn't even read it as we knew we couldn't do anything, I mean we were just two people who were not educated in the "ways of the world", so we sat quietly;

I hope you will forgive us for not speaking up and try to understand we didn't want to go to jail. Besides writing all those letters to congressmen and calling them all the time, they wouldn't listen to us anyway, so we didn't bother, we just let them play their role and we kept on re-electing them.

Please try to forgive us for selling you out on this as we had no idea it would get this bad!

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