Friday, November 6, 2009


This video just blows my mind. Why in the world would someone want to go to all the expense, rummage up all the equipment to take out one lone man in a little car. He didn't look threatening in the video, they clearly showed him looking at the camera, he looked like he was in shock.

First the armored tank rams his car from the front and then he is literally attack from all sides. He didn't have a weapon, it would appear. He seemingly posed no threat. Why were they so afraid of him. The very words he uttered were the cause of all of this take-down.

If what the man said was not true, they wouldn't have bothered with him. This says to me that what he was saying regarding the bio weapons in the flu vaccine must be true, otherwise they wouldn't have wasted their time with him. They could have written him off as a nut case, however, they are so afraid of what he has to say, they must literally destroy him. They will dress this up with all kinds of stories about how he did have a weapon, he was a threat, blah blah blah.

What have we come to in this country when no one can speak their mind. We were once a free nation, but they are literally destroying that portion of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and our Republic.

This whistleblower has been arrested, and deported all within a small amount of time and now he has suddenly disappeared and no one knows all the details. This is exactly what happens when you oppose the government forces.

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