Friday, February 11, 2011


President Hosni Mubarack has resigned as president of Egypt, according to Aljazeerah. The armed forces are in charge of the government. Liberation square is alive with people singing, worshiping and rejoicing.

The youth of Egypt were persistent in their struggle for freedom from a tyrannical leader. The protest was basically non-violent and the youth have brought this regime to their knees.

This is a day of celebration in Egypt. What does this mean for the USA. Who will be the next president, surely not Sulieman as the you do not want him in office either.

I cannot help but feel victory for the Egyptians, I have friends there and they are rejoicing.

Liberation Square is alive with the news, everyone is celebrating.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Clean My Life! | Authspot

Clean My Life! | Authspot

This post was very touching to me...I found it while surfing the net. It spoke volumes to me. I hope it touches you!

Special Ops Marines Are Being Deployed to Egypt

Special Ops Marines Are Being Deployed to Egypt

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Dell Hill has succinctly demonstrated in his article on the ability to foresee exactly what is taking place in Egypt.

Why would the U.S.A. send in two (2) destroyers with a boatload of marines to evacuate the Americans...are we going to destroy them or just evacuate them? Good question. It also brings up the question of - where is the Massoud in all of this? One might ask, they have the most to lose in the breakdown of the peace treaty with Egypt.

Where are the unions in all of this squabble over who will rule in Egypt. No apparent leader has emerged because, they (the elites) are not ready to show their hand...we are sitting on a time bomb and no one is alarmed..Americans had better wake up...

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