Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Economical Business Online101

In today's economical downturn, people are looking for a way to save a buck. Old school teaching taught us that to make a buck, you have to spend a buck. This is true for online businesses as well. If you are a frugal shopper you will be able to economize and still get an online business started. You should be able to get a decent site up for about $100.00.

Can you handle it? That is the question. First of all, you can economize your excursion into the "ONLINE-OPRANET" by seeking out the truth on the net. Many sites will mislead you. You must be aware of the traps designed to insure that you will fail. Money grabbing sites that take your name and email then promise to send you to a site where you don't have to do anything just make money are scams. I don't care who they are, they are scamming you.

First of all they lie when they say you don't have to do anything. You do have to do something if you want to make money online.

You must decide on a market for your business. In other words, what will you be selling, shoes, makeup, gardening equipment, etc. Once you have reached this level, you must then decide on a name for your business and secure a domain name, then hosting for that domain name.

You will have to figure out what keywords you will use to get the search engines to your site. Then and only then are you just starting to get the idea that, yes there is work involved.

Securing a domain name is simple, you just plug in the domain name you want and the company that sells domain names will search to see if that domain name is free, if it is, BINGO you can own it. The cost to do this is minimal...I have seen some advertised as low as $1.98 and up.

Then you must secure hosting for your domain name because as of right now it is just floating in the air. There are many hosting companies out there, but the best I have ever used is Hostgator.com The quality of service by far surpasses any I have ever seen. The site is user friendly and this is a must. Hostgator.com is also very reasonable.

Now that you have your site and hosting you must concentrate on the tools you will need to get your site pulled together for the public to see. It is like painting a picture, you don't show the rough draft sketches to your audience, you wait until you have the finished product. It is the same thing with your site, wait until you pull it all together and have all the tools on your site and then you can present it to your audience.

When speaking of tools-of-the-trade, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This site has all the tools you will need and they have a crash course also. Follow their instructions and you will be in business in less than a week and earning income.

Another great tool for your ONLINE-OPRANET is Squidoo. Kelly Stone, who is the Queen of Squidoo will put you through the paces to help make you think, make you a better blogger, better site owner and money maker too. Now how can you go wrong with all this advice in one place.

If you are really interested in starting a money making online business go DIRECTLY to Squidoo, and tell Kelly The Finder sent you. Then go to Wealthy Affiliate and tell Kyle and Carson hello for me. I promise that you will not regret it. Both sites are free to join and you can start immediately.

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