Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guess Who Got Hitched?

Yes, finally after all these years of being alone and struggling, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to do something to get out of the mess I was in. So...

I put out some feelers, I contacted all my old friends and ask there opinion about what I should do and they all agreed that it was time for me to get hitched.

I started looking at my possibilities, what was in the marketplace and boy did I ever have a long journey.

First of all I wasn't looking in the right places. Second, those in my age group were just "out of the loop". So I decided I needed make some changes. 

I needed to look at different categories and thus the journey began. One cold wintry day I was online and surfing the net when I came upon a likely candidate. He was fairly good looking, a little younger than me, but that didn't matter too much to me. I liked what he was about and his presence on the net, so I started following him. I followed him on Twitter and Facebook and found myself in a predicament. I was obsessed with this man and he didn't even recognize me. 

So I decided it was time to change some strategy and what with my article writing all the time, I didn't really have time to look for someone suitable. I went to Squidoo and started writing up my little lens (pages) and was having a rather good time and learning too. I began reading some of the lens (pages) posted so that I could learn what I needed to do to be a better writer. 

I found a lens (page) by the Editor in Chief, Megan Casey and loved her picture and decided to read all her lens when about halfway through and at 1:00 a.m,. tired and weary from the reading, there he was...big as life and all this time I had missed him. All this time I didn't even know he existed. I hurriedly downloaded his material and was blown away.

Let me tell you about him.Talk about magic...American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer,” and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual.  

So you can by now understand why I got hitched...yes, on March 30, 2011, in a quiet ceremony held in my office, in the middle of the night, we tied the knot, or should I say "I" tied the knot?

Mother's advice
My mother always taught me that if you want to get somewhere, you must follow those who have been successful and are good at what they do. She said, "just hitch your wagon to theirs", I took her advice.

Let the honeymoon begin
You see I am a freelance writer, but not a strong marketer and I had been searching for ways to accomplish what I wanted to do in my field. Now I can write, my college Professor Francis McDonald tells me I am a good writer, but I just couldn't get anywhere online. So I set out to find out how to get where I wanted to go and thus I found "Mr. Right".

I must send thank-you cards to Squidoo who started this whole thing by allowing me to write lens (pages) for them. Then the Editor-in-Chief, Megan Casey had to go and make a lens about all these wonderful things that were happening with his e-book and so it really wasn't my fault that I fell head over heels.

If you don't know who he is by now, then there is a good chance your not on the net, or that you live under a rock somewhere (kinda like me), or that you really don't know a brilliant writer and marketer like Seth Godin.

So I have taken the advice of my mother and am now hitched to Mr. Seth Godin. He has become my mentor, the go-to man, for anything related to writing, blogging, marketing and if you need a star to follow, be sure and hitch your wagon to someone who knows what is happening and does not mind sharing his thoughts and his ideas with others.

Mr. Godin does not know that I exist, and that is fine, but I know that he does and that he makes things happen. Somehow our paths were meant to cross. He has left an indelible mark on my writing career. I was particularly impressed by his speech at the BizTechDay in San Francisco speaking about "Over Powering The Lizard Brain".

Mr. Seth Godin is a genius and yes, I have hitched my wagon to his star and will follow his writing, blogging and marketing ideas to infinity.

Please read his e-book, "What Matters Now", very good information, and you know what he will give it to you for FREE..