Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is POTUS learning to Dance?

Today is a new day...the protesters in Libya are holding fast. Gaddafi's assets are being frozen, naval rescuers are just off shore and the UN is unhappy with the "Gaddafiosa" shooting at their own people. Col. Gaddafi and his loyalist, although dwindling" are shooting at civilians, mostly unarmed civilians and this is unacceptable in this civilized world today.

All countries should be condeming what is going on in Libya, the protesters are taking a beating and the world is standing by watching. POTUS has very little to say, of course he doesn't want to ruin his image by saying anything, it could be turned against him and after all he is headed to an election.

The only thing he has accomplished since being elected as president...he has hired good speech writers. This man gives more speeches and layers them with lies and the streets I believe they call this "skinnin and grinnin"!

We are a bankrupt nation, we are in trouble the world over, we have troops scattered everywhere, can't get out of the wars we are in now because we are in too deep, our economy is the worst it has ever been, the dollar is being devalued as we speak, inflation is at an all time high, unemployment is at an all time high, we are seeing protest in the USA and Pres. Obama wants us to re-elect him?

What we need is someone to take the reins and lead this country. Obama has been grandstanding, "skinnin and grinnin" throughout his term and has accomplished absolutely nothing since arriving at the Whitehouse.

Obama is the poster boy for teleprompters and Mrs. Obama is the poster woman for good eating habits. How has any of this improved this country or our standing in the community, i.e., the world's eyes? I don't think he has a clue...when Hillary said she was worried about the 3a.m. phone call, she was on the money. I wonder if Obama has a teleprompter next to his bed, because I know he will not know what to say unless someone tells him.

This president is a community organizer, nothing more, nothing less. He gives good speeches and that says it all. We need leadership, we need someone who can answer that phone at 3a.m. without a teleprompter and with enough gonads to do whatever is necessary to keep this country safe, sound and in good working order. President Obama does not fill the bill.