Monday, October 19, 2009

Legitimacy of Obama...

Mychal Massie - article on WorldNetDaily exclusive commentary

on the legitimacy of Obama.

Mychal asked the question..who is behind Obama with this kind

of money to be able to seal all his records? Neither Hitler,

Chavez, Castro, Kruschev or Clinton had their records

sealed...nobody has demanded and received this kind of secrecy,

wonder what there is to hide from?

Why did Michelle lose her law licenses in 1993...? (research)

Why has the media been told not to cover these areas of

Obama's life...something smells fishy ... if you go to school

(college) and you earn a degree, wouldn't you want others to

know of your accomplishments? Not Obama, surely someone

went to school with him that could come forward and tell us

something....wonder if he has paid them all off to keep quiet? I

bet George Soros knows, let's ask him....say George, why don't

you let us see Obama's school records and while your at it,

maybe his birth certificate...

I have an idea, let us offer $1,000,000.00, thats million, to

anyone who is willing to come forward with information. How do

we get this million...if you are interested in knowing this info, send

$1.00 to......___ blah blah blah with your name and address and

phone number....monies to be held in a trust account for just such

an event. We will get the info to you within 24 hours after the

pay-off....if we cannot make the pay-off....everybody will be

reimbursed their $1.00.....sounds reasonable to me....the more

people we get to send in $1.00 the higher the amount will

go...until we can pay somebody to come cannot

keep everyone quiet forever....LOL

See Mychal Massie's

Globalist cover-up hiding Obama's past? @