Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is the CHANGE he was talking about!

Jeff Gold
Fear. Elections. Change. Power. Force. Revolution.

"There is something fundamental that just happened in America, and by default, the rest of the world. It is so fundamental, that it has been entirely ignored by analysts and grossly distorted by pundits.

Most commentators hail Obama’s victory as a reinvigoration of the American Dream. They cite the euphoria of countries that literally weeks ago, spat in America’s direction as proof of the nations capacity of reinvention. Talk of a new-age, of breakthroughs, of Peace in the World is everywhere - and everywhere, all of it, is wrong."

Hussein Rises Over America, Darkness Descends by Juanita Gonzales is also an excellent article on what has happened in America and how we got here.

"The overpaid cows in America’s newsrooms have overdosed on 0-Viagra, giving them a permanent hard-on (or swelling) for their Black Deliverance. You can’t hide from this malady, its the first airborne virus you are unlikely to ever physically touch yet you’re guaranteed to get.

Is it nauseating? Is it sick? Is it beyond irritating
?" You can read more of Ms. Gonzales take on the Obama administration at Stop-Obama.org

These writers have put themselves out there to educate the American people, please pass these sites on to your friends...dare to comment, even if you disagree, this will help to educate us all for we need to fight this socialization of America.