Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Berlin Wall has been moved.....

Who said our young people were brainwashed to believe in this new Progressive Movement of Socialism for America?

Take a look at these students at Washington University...are they not saying what we are all thinking, God bless them all. We need to support them and stand behind them and you too can join their organization Young Americans for Liberty

They are speaking out by building a gulag and telling us what could happen if we allow Socialism to takeover in this country, this land of liberty, America.

We were informed by the MSM that the young people are the ones that voted President Obama into office, I don't think so. These young people do not want their liberties trampled on and they do not want Socialism. They are brave enough to speak out and what does the University do but trample on their rights as free citizens in a free republic to speak out.

Seems to me that the conspiracy theorist were right, our freedoms are slowly being removed and replaced with "PC Behavior", that is politically correct language and politically correct ideas fomented by the liberals.

The Berlin Wall was removed, only to be raised years later in the United States of America...WAKE UP AMERICA!