Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Facts to Know:

Budweiser beer conditions hair
Pam cooking spray will dry finger nail polish
Cool whip will condition your hair in 15 minutes
Mayonnaise will KILL LICE and condition your hair
Elmer's Glue - paint on your face, let dry makes a good face mask for cleansing
Shiny hair use brewed Lipton tea
Sunburn - Put a pitcher of Nestea in your bath water
Minor burns - Colgate or Crest toothpaste
Burn your tongue - put sugar on it
Arthritis WD-40 spray and rub in, kill insect stings too.
Bee stings - meat tenderizer
Chigger bite - preparation H
Facial night cream - preparation H
Puffy eyes - preparation H
Paper cut - crazy glue or chap stick
stinky feet - jello
Athletes feet - cornstarch
Fungus on toenails or fingernails - Vicks vapor rub

These are just a few HOW TO's, check back tomorrow...many more HOW TO's!