Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Create income without a job...

If there are no jobs and we are in a recession, what to do:

Find creative ways to earn money such as: if you like to cook, make a recipe book for sale to your neighbors. If you like to sew, make potholders and sell, relatively inexpensive, but they will keep milk in the refrigerator until you can map out a strategy for making more money. Yard sales, flea markets, fish frys or if your a musician, how about a day in the park with music. There are many more ways to make money than you would think. You must be creative. The recession has dried up a lot of work and many more people will be unemployed before this bottoms out. What we must not do is SPEND more.

If businesses have to downsize then so do we. As head of your household, call a meeting of the board members in your house and set about finding ways to make money.

Our family was struck by unemployment after many years on a j.o.b. (just over broke), we decided to do something about it. We immediately downsized and began figuring out what we could do to earn money for groceries. We have become a household of geniuses figuring out how not to spend money, but how to save money. Our electric bill has been cut in half and our grocery bill has been cut in half. We planted a garden and started harvesting enough food for our table, the overflow goes to neighbors.

If you put your mind to it, you can survive.