Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to make it through this recession...

In this time and place, people are losing their jobs, and their homes because of the economy and families are wondering what to do to make things work. After clearing your head and realizing that there is a problem and without your know how and muscle, the problems will only get worse. Better yet, waiting for someone to "fix" the problem, or waiting for someone to "give" you a job, why not create your own wealth, or at least your own income?

There are many ways to do this, decide what you do best and take some iniative to determine how you can make it work for you by educating yourself. People in society today are tired of the same old cliches about money and how to make money. Scams are a dime a dozen on the internet and every where you go. Busnesses want you to spend your money with them, advertising has got to be at an all time high. The marketplace is filled with what you need to do with your money. Everyone wants your money. Why not keep your money and learn how to make more money.

If businesses have to downsize to survive, do you not think that you will have to downsize? Most people think oh my income has changed and we cannot live like we are use to living, what am I to do. The criers don't win, they are the losers. Don't be a loser, decide what you can do and approach it as though it is your business, because it really is. Invest in the knowledge you already have and find your niche in the marketplace and make it work for you. If you like to cook, create a recipe book for the neighborhood, or better still a e-recipe book, sell it on the internet, sell it to your neighbors. If you like to cook, host a Friday Fish Cookout, sell plates of fish. There are thousands of ways to create income to keep you eating while you figure out how to earn more income. As a society we are too dependent upon someone else telling us what has to be done and giving us a little pentance at the end of the workweek and then one day the boss arrives, his profits are down and your history.

All too often this happens and one tends to get frantic, instead of panicking, sit down with paper and pen decide what things you can live without and downsize immediately. If you have not downsized already, you are running late. If you have lost your job, don't run looking for a job, a j.o.b. means just over broke. Again, you will be putting yourself at someone elses' disposal. Decide what you can do and find creative ways to make it work for you and the people you have to support. Call a family meeting, get everybody in on the action and you will be surprised at what you can learn from others in your group. Neighbors become good friends when they have to rely on each other to survive, let us get back to basics.

If this sounds like cornpone to you, try losing two thirds of your income on the first day of the week, with all expenses still to be paid and you have nothing to fall back on. Try being a single mom with children who are dependent on you to eat. This is not the time to panic, but it is time to take action.

Make a list of the things you can do without. I lost two thirds of my income at 10 am one day, by 5pm I had downsized $250 dollars of monthly expenses immediately. That was only the beginning, I started looking for ways to make money using the knowledge I already had. I did not go job hunting as I was sick and tired of people making money off of my sweat and I decided that day that I would make this work. It has been seven months since this happened and I will never look for another job. I put my skills to work for me. I now have more income, more free time to spend with my kids and less worries, because I know that I will not lay me off, I will not fire me and the kids will eat and live well. I am not a college graduate, I don't have a degree, but I found ways to cut back and ways to promote my talents and now I own my own business. With the $250 I cutback by downsizing, I started by own business. No get rich quick schemes, they don't work, you just give your money to someone else while they are going to the bank, your still wondering how to feed the kids. There is no FREE lunch!