Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Garage TV - The Great Global Warming Swindle - Documentary Film | video filmpjes | kyoto, swindel, global, warming, co2, greenhouse, broeikaseffect, verkiezingen, klimaat, opwarming

Maybe we should call this video "A Convenient Lie", because that is exactly what has happened. An Inconvenient Truth has become a Convenient Lie for politicians.

According to the scientist on this video there is no reason why we as people would leave a carbon footprint on this earth as our carbon footprint would be so small no one would see it.

Climate change is not in the hands of man and we cannot stop the changes. The changes have been going on since time immemorial.

We can thank Margaret Thatcher of Canada for the studies on global warming. The environmentalist, and the peacniks have jumped on the wagon and want to go back to medievil ages, no more cars, etc...anti growth, anti development...anti capitalism...a socialistic, Marxcist move towards destroying capitalism.

Capitalism is what built this great country, why would we want to hand it all over to a bunch of thugs in the WH.

Why would they want us to go back to medievil, serfdom type socio-strata, because the government could then control us better and demand of us what they will. We should all line up and sign up to anything they tell us. The scientist have explained that global warming is a man-made theory and is not valid. Hwoever, this global warming theory has given many people a job, the government has now launched a full phase forward to green everything because of the global warming scare perpetrated by a few who stand to gain monetarily from this scare tactic.

Al Gore should be ashamed of himself and yet thousands keep believing him. Some people will believe anything you tell them. W.C. Fields said it best "there is a sucker born every minute",

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