Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Blog : Chris Field : Obama WH Issues Gag Order on Private Companies' Communications About ObamaCare

Now they are taking away our First Amendment Rights, by gagging all private industries from discussing the healthcare Bill HR3200.

The government is now telling us to "shut up" and don't discuss this Bill HR3200, a Bill initiated by Max Baucus.

This is a violation of the fundamental rights of Americans who have free speech, Mr. President, so says Rep Congressman Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Why can't we discuss this healthcare Bill? What is in the Bill HR3200 that they don't want us talking about. Is it because they don't want you to know that this Bill will raise your taxes 35% over the long haul?

This begs the question, Why does healthcare have to be enforced by none other than the IRS? Are they going to take your house, your car, your belongings if you don't get in line and sign up for their healthcare plan that will rip you off, raise your taxes, make the young pay for unnecessary medical expenses at their age, and kill off the elderly.

Only in America!

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