Friday, October 9, 2009

Study "Disproving" Mercury-Autism Link Published in Journal with Financial Ties to Vaccine Manufacturers

While the mainstream press is widely reporting a new study "disproving" any link between autism and mercury-containing thimerosal in vaccines, no one has bothered to point out that the study was published in a medical journal stacked full of ads from the very same drug companies that manufacture and market vaccines. The Journal, the Archives of General Psychiatry, is the pro-drug psychiatric arm of the American Medical Association, a pill-pushing organization tarnished by a history of conspiracy against alternative medicine and the promotion of toxic substances like cigarettes with full-page ads in its flagship publication, JAMA.

The Pharmaceutical industry has failed to do the double-blind study needed over a period of time to evaluate the ingredients that are being put into the vaccines. This just might prove that the vaccines are not fit for human use and where would that leave the pharmaceutical industry?

Please go to Natural News and read the entire article on this subject, as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has done his homework!