Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chicago Police told Not to Arrest Protestors!

Rohm Emanuel, 55th Mayor of Chicago, told the police NOT to arrest the violent anti-TRUMP protestors......he was advised that could be dangerous. 

Chicago Police Interim Supt. John Escalante told CBS News the local police “had no role” in consulting with Trump to cancel the campaign rally.

Coulter says that’s also untrue.

This past Tuesday, March 15th, 2016....There were 4 killed and 8 wounded in Chicago shootings all within about a 48 hr window....did Emanuel tell the cops to stand down then......did he stop them from doing their sworn duties as officers of the law....

Lately the BLM(BlueLivesMatter) movement has been rendered helpless victims from two sides, the standing down orders given by Emanuel and the BLM(BlackLivesMatter) movement. 

The growing hatred in the communities for the #BlueLivesMatter movement has been brought on by the race-baiters, that provoked the Ferguson, Baltimore and New York riots. When will we learn that these race-baiters are being paid to get you RILED and make you act out.....this causes and brings more harm to the community and divides the people and nobody wins but the one who paid you are a hired gun in essence to do "their" bidding....STOP, in the name of all that is holy, STOP the racism and lets unite to fight a much bigger evil coming our way...

The same people that have disenfranchised you, gave you no representation, are the same ones paying you to riot....and your still working for "the man" does that make any sense to sure doesn't to me.