Sunday, March 20, 2016

Are Christians Being Compromised or are they Compromising?

In the firestorm of events surrounding the coming elections.....I saw a trend develop in the debates early on.....Now every election since time immemorial has some how found a way to infer if not blatantly include a "profession of faith" to some degree. Are the Christians being compromised or are they just compromising.......I find this hard to answer....especially after reading Thomas Ertl's article entitled, "An Evangelical Analysis of The Trump Candidacy".

I quickly read the first paragraph, skimming of course, as I had to get to the protest in Fountain Hills, AZ and report on the TRUMP rally, but first I wanted to hear what this man had to say about Mr. TRUMP.....

As I read on....I found out that the article was NOT about TRUMP as it was about WE THE PEOPLE, you know, the ones doing the voting......and how we are influenced to vote one way or the other.

I found the article very interesting and enlightening to say the least....I also learned some important information like...who Theodore Beza was....great theologist of the 16th century, a must read.....

I found out from this article why I was voting the way I was voting and how I got to this place.

I also found myself siding with Thomas Ertl, it's always nice to find someone that thinks like you do, company and all, you know.....what I found most interesting was he kept my attention and I learned something about myself and I found a new read!

Of course candidate Trump probably already knows all this information, however, I thought I would pass it on to my readers. It is rather lengthy, but it is informative and that is important.