Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New SCOTUS Nominee=Sharia Law!

BEWARE Americans, you are being wined and dined by the establishment(again), The new nominee for SCOTUS, is a fine gentleman, I am sure, he has the credentials and the diplomas, and the resume of a saint....don't be fooled....

Obama would have you believe that he is a moderate, +Garland is not a moderate, he is a lacky. Garland was born, bred, and brainwshed by the Clintonista Crime Family and he is a liberal lacky, beholding to not only the Clintons', +Obamas' and the Liberal Left Wing Progressives(Communists). Read what others are saying: 

Obama did not seek, as required by the Constitution, the advice of the Senate, except as a political stunt.
The Senate is not required under the Constitution to have an "up or down vote".
They CAN simply say no.
It's not a moral issue, it's a political issue.
I think they SHOULD vote (against him), but to give the most divisive president of my lifetime some kind of moral high ground is a leap into the abyss.

 Not that Biden's words mean anything, but great video for refuting Obama's selection.....let the new President +TRUMP nominate a conservative judge, not an establishment junkie to fill the post.......Garland is beholden to the Clinton's for where he is today and that is tragic and disastrous for the USA......the Clinton's are known criminals.....+WAKE UP AMERICA....NO, emphatically NO, do not vote this man in as +SCOTUS....this is a vote for islamic rule in this the research and find out.....if this Garland is appointed to the Supreme Court he is beholden to Obama, Obama wants to replace Banki Moon with himself as head of the UN....that would put Obama as head leader of the muslims and +islamic rule...this is a dangerous decision......PLEASE rethink your position on this nominee....unless of course you wish to live under Sharia law. 

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